The RITE Project New York, NY

FERC Project No: P-12611
Delegated Order - Issuing Pilot Project License (01/23/12)
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Final Pilot License Application - RITE East Channel Pilot (12/29/10)
      Volume 1: Initial Statement, Revised Process Plan and Justification Statement, Communication and       
                       Consultation Records, FERC Exhibit A and Summary of Pre-Commercial Development and

                       Download  [7.2 MB]

      Volume 2: FERC Exhibit E Environmental Report and Exhibit G Project Boundary Map)

                          Download (Part 1)  - Exhibit E: Application; Proposed Action and Alternatives; Consultation and Compliance; Environmental
                                                                  Analysis, Geology and Soils, Water Resources, Aquatic Resources 
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                        Download (Part 2) - Exhibit E Environmental Analysis Cont.: Terrestrial Resources, RTE Species, Recreational Resources,
                                                                 Navigation and Land Use, Aesthetic Resources, Cultural Resources, Tribal Resources and Socioeconomic
                                                                 Resources; Exhibit G
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Volume 4: RITE Monitoring of Environmental Effects (RMEE) Plans, Appendices A & B summarizing
                        supporting fishery information, ESA, EFH

Download (Part 1) - RMEE Plans 
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Download (Part 2) - Appendix A
: Summary of RITE Project Hydroacoustic Data  [7.9 MB]
Download (Part 3) - Appendix B: Summary of RITE Project DIDSON Observations, ESA, EFH  [5.0 MB]
          * Volume 3 of the Final Pilot License Application contains Critical Energy Infrastructure Information and is not available for public viewing.

Notice Concluding Pre-Filing Process and Approving Process Plan and Schedule (5/1/09)
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Response to Request for Additional Information on Draft Pilot License Application
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Marine and Hydrokinetic Environmental Policy Workshop: Marine and Hydrokinetic Technology Background and Perspective for New York State
Link (See Item #8 - Report 12-27b)

NYSERDA RITE Environmental Assessment Project - Final Report
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Hydrodynamic Analysis of Kinetic Hydropower Arrays
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Detailed Inflow Measurements for Kinetic Hydropower Systems in a Tidal Strait
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